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Drink Flat tummy Tea- 1 cup daily.

Stay hydrated with plenty of water.

Be active. Eat healthy, balanced meals with less carbs and fat.

Buy a pack of flat tummy tea, open it and remove the sachets. Put a teabag in a cup and pour boiling water in the cup. Allow it to soak for 10-20 minutes. Add a drop of lemon or honey to taste.

It is suitable for them but after six months of breastfeeding.

Yes, men can take it. There is no discrimination among sexes.

Flat tummy tea with moringa as stated on the pack is to be taken at night to effectively boost your system while you sleep, hence ‘night boost’.

Yes. Flat tummy tea is specifically designed for the tummy alone but it also acts as a detox hence it can be taken to cleanse the system as well.

Flat tummy tea is specially formulated with finest ingredients like moringa, oolong tea and cassia seeds, all guaranteed to give the needed boost for a flatter tummy.